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I learned to meditate to help myself, now I teach to help others...

Hey, I’m Will and I’m the founding teacher at Will Williams Meditation.

I found meditation 10 years ago after experiencing protracted stress-related insomnia.

I discovered that most empowering techniques were the simplest and easiest, available to everyone no matter what their circumstance.

It just required the right teaching...

Vedic Meditation Courses in London

Vedic meditation is one of the most ancient techniques on the planet. Its simplicity and effectiveness make it the perfect antidote to the demands of 21st century life.

Will was trained by the greatest masters on earth to be able to pass on a customised technique to each individual with personalised guidance for as long as you need it.

We offer a wide range of meditation courses, retreats and group meditations in central London, from beginners with little or no experience all the way to the most advanced levels.

Our meditation centre is situated in Shoreditch.

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Why Meditate?

I feel so much calmer, stronger, more confident, focused and able to make decisions more easily. I also feel so much more accepting of myself and have stopped giving myself such a hard time. So many people have commented on how much brighter I look.

Pippa, London

Benefits of Meditation

The Effortless Mind

A new book by Will

The Effortless Mind is renowned meditation teacher Will Williams’ must have guide for modern-day meditators. Suffering from chronic stress and insomnia, Will undertook years of research and training with leading experts from around the world, which led him to find the cure he was looking for in Vedic meditation.

In The Effortless Mind, Will explains how his Vedic-inspired method of meditation has transformed the lives of his students – busy people of all ages and all backgrounds. Their inspiring stories and the scientific research into meditation show the profound physical, mental and emotional benefits you can gain from such a simple daily practice, including more energy, better sleep, greater clarity, less anxiety and a happier, more positive outlook.

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