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Nick Hopper’s Poem – Written on retreat – June 2016

Nick Hopper meditative poetry retreat

Breathing slows,

Eyes flutter closed,

Like a playful stone the mind skips and dances across the surface of a sea of swelling consciousness,

Rippling, fleeing, wilful, yet ever decelerating, before sinking into the deep,

Swaddled in an embrace of stillness, nurtured and primed we wait

Secret, silent, silent, silent, repetitions

Manifest like a shimmering mote of dust in a Summers ray,

The enchanting song of sound that tugs and charms away

Gentling enticing, soft, captivating, like a new lover’s touch,

– like love, never need, cage, or push too much

Softly support to experience and be not afraid

become one with the song on a journey two first made

Lightly fulfilling as a warming tender breeze

Settled on the edge of awareness an alluring tease

Forward moving,

Humble but proud, rushing but still, silent yet loud

Surrender to topple over a welcome precipice,

Caught by clouds, hugged by the expanding abyss

Yawning chasms flow, epic vistas surround,

A raging Ocean is quelled, serenity abounds

An absence of sound, time is still,

Perfect equanimity, drink your fill,

Mute observing an eternal friend

Expansive horizons pulse bright,

Sometimes dark and inwardly consuming, sometimes uplifting and light

Suspended, floating, dream like friends pass by and smile hello,

Joined by other worldly essences fringed with halo’s

Fears arise, passions quicken, a crystal tear may form and fall,

Open hearted compassion brings peace to rule

Kaleidoscopic colours flashing, sometimes pitch, then rainbow bright,

Flickering in and out of silence like the most dead of nights

A symphonic backdrop of ringing consciousness and thought,

the singing mantra guides to unlock the serenity sought

Senses heightened, perception alight,

A traveling, traveled, traveler, connecting for universal flight

Seeing is believing, or is it more feeling that I am being?

No thing will change my world

Every thing is my world

Still, still, still, suspended in radiant grace

I am expectant with promise and potential,

Distilled from universal space.


Copyright, Nick Hopper, 2016

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