Advanced: The Veda Course - An exploration of ancient wisdom

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An Overview

  • 120 hours of mind-expanding material.
  • 6 weekends courses spread over 1 year.
  • An extraordinary course of learning, discovery and advanced techniques.
  • Guaranteed to rock your socks off! Simply the most important course we have ever undertaken.

The Veda Course


Vedic Knowledge is the fascinating and profound ancient body of knowledge and spiritual experience which stems from the Vedic civilisation of Northern India. Its wisdom can still be found in the beautiful practices of Ayurvedic medicine, yoga, meditation and Indian philosophy.

The sands of time and the streams of foreign invaders forced much of the best knowledge underground, masterfully encrypted in a few texts, such as the Rk Veda, Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, the Upanishads, and in scattered documents within the oldest spiritual academies of India, where it has remained ever since.



“The Veda course has been a golden box filled with the wonders of life and clarity. I feel I have gain true understanding of the dynamics that shape our world and nature. And with understanding comes love. Thus, it has allowed me to experience a type of love I had only heard and dream of. It is pure unconditional love for life, humanity and myself.”.

Isabela, Student, London

The course

In over 90 hours of incredible mind-expanding lectures, workshops and discussions, structured over six weekends over the course of a year, Will channels from a state of heightened consciousness to provide perspective and understanding on the mechanics of consciousness.

The powerful combination of these lectures, expansive group workshops throughout each weekend, and advanced techniques taught solely in this course utterly enhances one’s life experience, rapidly elevates one’s perceptual capabilities, and will provide clarity, insight and inspiration about your life’s purpose.

You will not find this level of knowledge in any book or seminar. It is knowledge that is structured in the deepest levels of consciousness and as such, has a very powerful uplifting effect on your own conscious awareness. This course will lift the veil of ignorance and give you a true understanding of the meaning of life. It is a journey into the highest realms of ancient knowledge and you’ll be given the tools to integrate it into your everyday life so that you can become a truly fulfilled, happy, and highly capable human being.


Prerequisites: The prerequisite for The Veda Course is completion of at least one Rounding Retreat.

Who is this for?

For those who wish to:

  • tune into their highest self
  • uncover the mechanics of the universe
  • stretch the envelope of their capability beyond present horizons
  • experience life at its most fullest and richest potential

Course dates

The next Veda course will start in March 2018:

Veda 1 : 12th October – 14th October 2018

Veda 1 (option 2): 26th October – 28th October 2018

Veda 2:  30th November – 2nd December 2018

Veda 3: 1st February – 3 February 2019

Veda 4: 8th March – 10th March 2019

Veda 5: 17th May – 19th May 2019

Veda 6: 4th July – 7th July 2019



Each instalment is conducted over a long non-residential weekend in London.

The instalments must be taken in sequence. Part 1 can be taken individually or as the foundation for the rest of the series

Course fee

The course fee for each instalment of  The Veda Course is £390.

You have the option to pay for each instalment separately, as a package of 3 or as a complete series staggered over 12 monthly payments:

Package of 3 Veda’s: 6 x £175 monthly payments (save £120)

Package of 6 Veda’s: 12 x £165 monthly payments (save £360)

Contact Will for more info

The Veda Course has only answers, the questions take care of themselves...

Sam, Fisherman, Folkestone

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