The Benefits of Vedic Meditation

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My life can be divided into two parts: My life before I started meditating, and my life starting after. After is better. Much better."

Danusa, Retailer, Brighton

Water the root, and enjoy the fruit.

The reasons for learning this technique are many and varied. By enabling us to access a state that is so physiologically and neurologically profound, all systems with mind, body and nervous system can begin healing themselves from the straining effects of modern living.

In essence, this is the perfect antidote to 21st century life.

To help you find the information that is most relevant to you, we have categorised all of the benefits into six main topic areas:

Mind, Body, Lifestyle, Creativity, Performance and Spiritual Growth.

Please select the categories which feel most relevant to you and have fun exploring all the many and varied areas that this technique helps improve.

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What's The Proof?

When perusing this section, it may seem at first glance as if there is an uncanny array of benefits that meditation seems to support or resolve, and the thought may cross your mind that surely such a simple technique as this can’t resolve all of them. However, all of those areas listed relate to conditions or qualities that this technique has been scientifically proven to make a very significant difference to, or that have been observed to improve considerably when the meditation has been practised.

Some of the most spectacular results have come from very large research studies conducted over many years (featuring upto 4000 participants in randomized controls). The results have shown that hospitalisation rates falls by at least 50% for EVERY category of medical condition (bar one).

Where possible, we endeavour to only refer to those studies that have been rigorously designed and repeated many times to demonstrate consistency of findings. However, we do occasionally reference smaller studies which indicate exciting areas for further research, particularly as the results seem to verify a large body of anecdotal evidence.

In all cases, we at Will Williams Meditation support the funding of, and implementation of any and all large, well-designed experiments into all of the forms of disease and disorder, and to compare the effects of all the different meditative and therapeutic techniques. This way we can learn which works best with which conditions. All meditative methodologies work differently, and so it’s reasonable to expect that they will have different impacts with varying levels of success.

And if researchers are really going to go for it, then finding a way to take into account and measure the ease of practise and sustainability of it, as well as the comprehensiveness of any positive side effects, will be a great service to mankind. We hope this glossary section serves as a catalyst to help further the debate on how complimentary therapies, and in particular meditation, can help.

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Speaking as a scientist, the amazing thing .... is the very well- established research showing that the technique impacts things that we didn't think were changeable. If you look at basic high blood pressure, which is the number one cause of death, you can actually reduce your blood pressure significantly .... you can also reduce cholesterol, atherosclerosis, obesity, risk of stroke - even reduce death rates due to cardiovascular disease. I believe quite strongly that you would be very wise to give it a try.
Dr Mehmet Oz, heart surgeon, author & TV host

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