Benefits of Vedic meditation on the body

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Our bodies are such incredibly complex organisms. They are a conglomeration of 50 trillion different cells, all doing different tasks. They simultaneously function like some grand biological orchestra, working as part of the various systems that keep us alive, well and happily functioning.

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Why meditate?

However, modern living is so demanding on us physically, mentally and emotionally, that many of our systems are becoming disrupted by stress.

Our cardiovascular conditioning is being affected, our respiratory conditioning. Our digestive function, our immune function, our sexual function and many other aspects of our biological programming are slowly but surely being eroded by the destabilising effects of stress. We find ourselves ageing unnecessarily fast, feeling our energy levels compromised, losing or putting on weight when we would prefer to maintain a natural and healthy shape, and possibly developing health conditions that may become chronic if not addressed.

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Benefits of Vedic meditation

One of the great benefits of Vedic meditation is that it’s incredibly powerful at helping to heal many of those imbalanced systems. By allowing you to go into a hypo-metabollic state, whereby your body is effectively in hibernation mode, it can begin healing itself and restoring harmony to many of your physiological systems. Meditation helps minimise the stress that is often the root cause of so many of the imbalanced biological functions that seem to be an almost inevitable aspect of modern living.

Even for those who in good physical condition, a calm, rested, and optimised physiological profile will always give you more. More energy, more vitality, more stamina, and more resilience to illness and fatigue.

This particular type of meditation is also notable for its effects on reversal of ageing and moving us towards our healthiest weight.

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