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We need creativity in our lives for so many reasons. We need it to work our way through problems, find elegant solutions, and to express who we really are, in words, in speech, in comedy, in painting, and in the way we interact with all the good people we run into each day.

However, maintaining creativity is difficult when there are so many demands on us. The stresses and strains of life causes shut down of the frontal lobes of our brain where creative and lateral thinking take place. As a consequence, we find ourselves struggling with many of the challenges we face, lacking a sense of creative flow just when we need it most and struggling to always feel inspired.


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Vedic meditation is famous for boosting creativity

Vedic meditation gives you such deep hits of energy, and initiates such a significant increase in activation of your frontal cortex, that your creative mojo soon returns, and you find yourself effortlessly flowing with energy, ideas and solutions for all of life’s many and varied challenges.

It enables you to express yourself in the most uplifting and inspiring way, and realise your full creative potential. It’s truly priceless.

“The impact of fear is loss of creativity”

Find out how Vedic Meditation can boost your creativity

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