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Our mind is the engine of our experience. It comprises all of our cognitive functions: perception, thinking, judgement and memory. It interacts with our physical brain and our central nervous system, and when are mind is out of balance, it has a major impact on the all our physical and mental faculties, and on our overall sense of wellbeing. Meditation and mindfulness represent a way to counteract this process, with benefits for both body and mind.

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What is Vedic meditation?

One of the most common questions we are asked is “what is Vedic meditation?” To really get to grips with the answer, you have to consider the conditions that foster a need for it. The unprecedented rigours of modern living are taking their toll on us, and distorting the way all of our physical and mental systems are working.

As a result, impulses go through the nervous system to our brain and affect our state of mind. It creates a vicious cycle whereby the more strain we are under, the more susceptible to stress we become. And the more susceptible to stress we are, the more out of balance our systems become, exacerbating our situation.

Before long, we find ourselves on the threshold of stress and emotion, with even minor situations triggering us into emotion and reactivity. Annoyingly, this tends to get worse as time goes on. We develop something called Premature Cognitive Commitments, which are negative associations we store up in our sub-conscious and cause us to jump to conclusions and get irritated by all sorts of stimuli that we’re not even consciously aware of. In these situations, common approaches such as mindfulness are not always effective.

Unlocking our inner potential

Our Vedic meditation London sessions sooth your nervous system into a state of deep calm, where it can spontaneously heal itself and start removing the layers of unhelpful memories of pain, emotion and trauma. We start removing all those premature cognitive commitments that have accumulated and trigger us into negative reactions so that we become free to respond gracefully and positively to all of life’s challenges.

To get an idea of how it helps all of our various brain functions, feel free to review the brain infographic above. Or if you’d like a more details understanding of how Vedic meditation can help you, select one of the many mind related conditions which this practice is so good at helping with: stress.

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