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Vedic Meditation: A Technique for Dealing With ADHD

Summary: An effective way of dealing with ADHD

  • ADHD is a neurodevelopmental disorder that tends to result in difficult behavioural outcomes such as hyperactivity, the inability to concentrate or pay attention, and some inappropriate impulsive behaviour.
  • ADHD help comes in the form of Vedic ADHD meditation, which works in a number of way to restore balance and optimal functionality to all of our otherwise compromised systems.

Meditators seemed able to switch off the default mode network, which has been linked to lapses of attention, and disorders such as attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and anxiety

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Are you easily distracted and lack concentration?

ADHD is a neurodevelopmental disorder that tends to result in difficult behavioural outcomes such as hyperactivity, the inability to concentrate or pay attention, and impulsive behaviours that are often inappropriate to circumstance.

Although the underlying cause is not yet understood, we know there must be some form of neurological imbalance involved due to the pacifying effects of medications such as Ritalin. Unfortunately, this and other medications can have significant side effects, leading many people to seek alternative ADHD help.

How does Vedic meditation help in dealing with ADHD?

Dealing with ADHD through Vedic meditation works in a number of ways, restoring balance and optimal functionality to all of our otherwise compromised systems. Firstly, the soothing quality of the customised mantras we give out has a de-stimulating effect on the nervous system. It doesn’t do this by tranquillising us (as tempting as that may be for some!). It does so by venting off the excess stimulation, so that with time there is no excess stimulation to be concerned about.

This practise also restores our neurochemical balance, so that we have correct levels of neurotransmitter and hormonal release; and receptor sensitivity, allowing our automated systems to deliver messages to and from the brain in a way that allows optimal communication and functioning of all aspects of mind and body.

There is also a corresponding development of activity in the cortex, an area of the brain vital to the inhibition of the emotional frothiness of the limbic system, the root of our impulsive tendencies. Simultaneous to this, other cognitive functions such as language skills and frontal lobe developments evolve which lead to more positive emotional processing. Moreover, greater linkages and synchronicity between all areas of the brain, both during and between meditations, can be observed, and the speed with which the brain cycles tends to slow down into a much more cognitively clear alpha range.

Every part of the central nervous system becomes restored and we find we can more easily cope with the stimulation of our busy world.

Meditators also develop greater perceptual and spatial awareness, allowing us to be more aware of our environment and have greater compassion and empathy which enables us to read and respond to people’s emotions more easily. As a result of this, and all our other growing qualities, we find we can more easily develop deep and meaningful relationships with those we interact with.

If you don’t believe that ADHD meditation is possible, you will be surprised. Studies have shown that there is improved brain functioning, increased brain processing, and improved language-based skills among meditation students dealing with ADHD through personalised mantras.  The genius of the little mantras we give out is that they have such an immediate and harmonising impact on our mind, body and nervous system. Our experience has also shown that in a short time, the need for medications often drops away as the root causes tend to rebalance.

If the person in question is a minor, then we require that at least one parent or guardian meditates so that they can understand, relate to and guide the child’s experiences until they are an adult. We also recommend parents consider learning, so that they are better able to cope with the very challenging circumstances that this condition brings to everyone in a household affected by ADHD.

Find out how Vedic meditation helps with ADHD

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