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It’s funny. We run ourselves ragged taking care of all the chores and responsibilities in our lives, and yet the more we do, the more it seems is asked of us.

But just because we seem to be endlessly doing stuff, doesn’t mean we are being effective. If we’re feeling overwhelmed, we cease being effective. If we’re feeling emotional, our mental state is preoccupied by the effects of the emotion and we lose our focus and our rationality. And if we’re feeling tired, we simply cannot invest the energy into our tasks and projects that we would like to. Decision making is compromised, our interpersonal skills become affected, and our long term productivity slows down.

We can try and use caffeine and adrenaline to get ourselves through the day, but these actually aggravate the very cognitive shutdown we’re looking to get through. As time goes on, we need more and more stimulation, to keep ourselves going, until one day, we’re just not as effective, and we risk losing all of our motivation in the process

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Vedic meditation can really improve your performance

Vedic meditation not only sharpens the mind, by improving executive functions such as memory, concentration, organisational capabilities etc, it also improves our creative problem solving capabilities and innovative thinking, as well as our ability to relate to, and communicate with, those around us.

It does this by activating the pre-frontal cortex, home to so much of our creative and cognitive functions.

It also taps us into the elusive “zone” from which almost all great ideas and creative flow comes from. By using this tool, you can have systematic access to it anytime you wish.

Find out how Vedic Meditation can improve your performance

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